Wholesale VENTILATED Mesh Wig Caps

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These ventilated caps are a mixture of the mesh dome and the ventilated cap which is a great transition for customers looking for a lightweight fit. Theres mesh on the sides and the ventilated part in the middle. 

They are breathable, lightweight, and less bulky, It also already have the adjustable straps in the back for a more snug fit ( so additional band is optional). There's not much stretch along the plastic area. The plastic must be removed after constructing a wig. It's best to use a straight stitch with these caps so it'll be easier to remove the plastic. 

These wigs are definitely a personal preference. If you are a wig maker I recommend giving your customers an option to choose. 

BLACK: Available in S-L

NUDE: Available in MEDIUM ONLY 


PLEASE NOTE: Not all plastic is perfectly attached to each cap. The plastic must be removed after construction. It does not alter the construction of the wig! 


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